PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Monthly Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2019

Attendees: Megan, Jacqueline, Sarah, Jessica, Melissa

Minutes Approved

Budget Update

  • Money keeps coming in: $2800 from GCS for example…keep making money on school pictures as well
  • For Science Night we actually spent $200 for pizza (we paid for METCO kids and teachers, families, etc.)
  • Second order of K-cups went through…we ordered for 50 people and that seems like the right number
  • Social Committee was budgeted at $500 but we made a few dollars there as well
    • Maybe another bingo night? Let’s move basketball from 6/7 and change to bingo; will wait until we’re closer to the date.
    • Just a casual night out? PTO could buy food to help.

Carr Move

  • Possibility that move could be delayed by construction…move could be delayed to December, 2019 break instead
  • Architecture plans are back and Mark is getting positive responses
  • Overall student size is diminishing which is great

Science Night

  • Solid night overall
  • Online pizza ordering was good
  • MM to ask Kari if they used the paper goods from PTO closet and if they have any receipts

Mystery Dinner Wrap Up

  • Maybe change the format?
  • Group texts to the hosts for time checks to get people on their way to dessert
  •  PTO is open to any format so we should let the committee be creative
  • Shouldn’t be making money and yet we still do…let’s drop the price next year
  • Sarah communicating thank you, dessert reminders, budget and costs, open on format, receipts to committee chairs

Auction Planning

  • Jess said planning is going well and there are enthusiastic volunteers involved
  • Discounted tickets for volunteers to attend the auction? Sounds like a good idea…approved.
  • Roaring 20’s speakeasy theme

Talent Show Planning

  • May need to spend some more money this year on items that Melissa will talk to Adam about
    • Could show start a little earlier; thoughts on music files, tables, TV in holding area? Kids for video and photos?
  • Sarah to help Melissa with coordinating behind the scenes


  • Chair got FT job and needs to step down
  • We need a new chair; there is a new person from Lincoln-Elliot that is interested
    • We would need to relinquish control if LE took over and so we’ll make less money than usual
    • Need a young family to take over
  • Kristy Moore can talk it up well so we need to spread the word as much as possible

Understanding our Differences

  • Meg Gallucci will continue for 5th grade
  • Sharon Russo is leaving
  • Need incoming 3rd grade parent to come in and take over
  • We need 3 committed people in total; need recruiting
  • 3rd grade is 3 programs; 4th and 5th are 2 programs each
  • Volunteer needs 3 hours of training once and they secure the speakers, etc.
  • Jacqueline is sending out a volunteer-specific email to everyone re: GCS, UOD and Talent Show help

Carr Move Meeting on 2/6/19

  • Mark has not notified us of needs
  • Doesn’t seem like there are a lot of concerns