PTO Agenda 10/10/13

Budget – briefly reviewed, noted  : extra funding (~$6k) for landscaping in front of school, need to determine cost of cart of laptops

Committee Volunteer Update:

  • Biggest need is Creative Arts & Sciences. Discussed at room parent meeting as something RPs can help with
  • International  Night – In good shape. MN will attend. Have identified some older kids to help with welcome/gift table.  Dues will be collected and Veridian will be present. Looking to get a restaurant gift certificate to raffle for those who pay dues that night
  • Book Fair – MN to attend. Different activities scheduled for different days. Egyptian theme
  • Newsnotes – will be bi-weekly same as previous years, have found new committee members
  • Newton Serves – Jackie Dahlquist (lead),  Ashley Sullivan
  • Talent show needs someone to take over for MaryBeth DeNucci next year (MB to recruit)


  • Recognized PTO site has improved but felt that additional enhancements would make site more effective. Board will review and discuss in more detail,  invite Dave B to next PTO meeting
  • Identified some small changes to be adopted as soon as possible
  • Google format will be lead format on website
  • Post Creative Arts & Sciences Calendar
  • Update Committee List
  • Post Newsnotes to site – MN to cc Dave Belson each edition as cue to post to site
  • Add link to HM site as well as Newton City site
  • Gain sense of how often site is updated. Need to identify outdated info currently on site.
  • Would also be good to have a sense of usage


  • Will have a table at Int’l Night & raffle prize for contributors that night
  • Should send hand written notes to those who paid more than they needed to (John to compile list)

PTO Open Forums – Low turnout, need to discuss doing another in a few months.

Buddy Program status  – launched by MN via email requesting volunteer families and those who would like a buddy family. MN matching families as requests arise. No kindergarten specific program 

10/25 Open forum with MN after drop-off, no specific subject, aim to gather ideas about needs/issues

Front of school landscape status – contractors present, trees to be planted during fall planting season, pathway laid out

Bike Safety day/week – to be added for 4th and 5th graders this year, for 4th graders each year thereafter

Front of School building – alternatives : mural/artwork coordinated by Michael Daily (art teacher) on modular, or paint/power wash school frontage, look into masonry repair. Electronic board and “manual” board possibly to replace 2 left hand murals. Need to determine priority.



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