Creative Arts and Sciences

woman_reading_kids_bookThe Creative Arts and Sciences Committee (CASC) provides curriculum-related enrichment programs in Newton elementary and middle schools.

The PTOs in each school fund these programs. It is the single biggest line-item of the PTO annual budget! Programs align with Common Core State Standards, Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, Newton curriculum, system-wide goals and core values. Programs enrich student experiences in Art, English Language Arts, History and Social Sciences, Music, Physical Education, and the Sciences.

The committee is comprised of a citywide director who is on the staff of the Newton Public Schools and a dedicated corps of parent volunteers from each elementary and middle school. With input from teachers, CASC volunteers (from the Horace Mann PTO) choose appropriate programs and make all the arrangements necessary to bring them into the schools.

Following are the confirmed presenters and dates for the school year for Horace Mann; we hope you and your student(s) enjoy these programs and take the time to talk about them as they take place. If you have any questions about the program, please contact either your teacher, or the PTO Board.


Check back soon for the 2017-2018 CASP PRESENTATIONS!

10/09/15 All School
Anna Alter 10/15/15 2nd Grade
Native American Perspectives 10/19/15 3rd Grade
Ralph Masiello 10/22/15 1st Grade
Brooks Matthewson : Ecology of Trees 10/28/15 3rd Grade
New England Aquarium (TidePools!) 11/6/15 Kindergarten
Origamido 11/13/15 5th Grade
January, 2016
Tanglewood Marionettes 1/6/2016 K and 1st Grade
Brian Lies 1/28/2016 4th Grade
Bugworks 2/25/2016 1st Grade
Len Cabral 3/3/2016 2nd Gade
Science Discovery Museum: Physical Changes of Matter 3/14/2016 3rd Grade
Wingmasters 3/17/2016 1st and 5th Grades
Visit from Ghana 4/8/2016 2nd Grade
The Recorder goes to School 4/15/2016 3rd Grade
Miko Imai 4/28/2016 Kindergarden
Science Discovery Museum: Rocks & Minerals 5/19/2016 4th Grade
Birgit DeWeerd the Beekeeper 5/20/2016 2nd Grade
ArtQuest 5/20/2016 5th Grade
Dan Perlman 6/1/2016 4th Grade
Suzy Kline (Author) 6/2/2016 2nd and 3rd Grades
Kemp Harris 6/9/2016 K and 1st Grade
Science Discovery Museum: Bubbles 6/16/2016 Kindergarden