School Council

School Councils were set up for all elementary, middle and high schools in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a result of the Education Reform Act of 1993. The Horace Mann School Council is made up of: the Principal, three teachers, four parents and a community representative. Each member serves a three-year term, elected by their constituent group, teacher members are elected by the staff and parent members by the parent community. School Council can be an effective vehicle for dealing with issues of relevance to the community as a whole.The Horace Mann School Council focuses on school policies and “bigger picture issues” confronting the School, including school climate, class size, professional development, school building budget and the development and implementation of a School Improvement Plan. This Plan, which every school must create, sets forth the educational goals for Horace Mann and how these goals will be achieved during the coming year.

Most importantly, the School Council is a place where the voices of parents (and teachers!) may be heard. In other words, if you have specific questions regarding the direction of the Horace Mann School, or questions relating to any other policy matter, you should come to a meeting or contact a member of the School Council to voice your question or comment. The Horace Mann School Council meets regularly in the school library, unless otherwise noted. All meetings are open and parents are encouraged to attend. More The Newton School Committee supports and encourages the intent and purpose of the Horace Mann School Council. The Committee believes that parents, teachers and other members of the community working collaboratively to advise the Principal will enhance the education of all children in Newton. In that regard, the School Council and the PTO are encouraged to work in close cooperation with each other, maintaining formal links to enhance communication and a common purpose for the school community.

Goals of the School Council

  • Assist and advise the Principal in adopting educational goals for the schools.
  • Assist and advise the Principal in the identification of educational needs of the students.
  • Assist and advise the Principal in the review of the annual school budget.
  • Assist and advise the Principal in the formulation of the School Improvement Plan.